The House of Haute Maroquinerie LAPLAINE thrives on its history and values to forge its path towards a more sustainable world
by combining artisanal perfection, local production and absolute transparency.

An exceptional know-how

An exceptional know-how

All our pieces are handmade by a craftsman, expert in the traditional French savoir-faire.
Each step requires hours of work where the smallest details are refined to obtain unique pieces.

Signature iconique LAPLAINE

An iconic signature

After several months of experimenting a large number of techniques, the House of Haute Maroquinerie succeed to innovate by combining ostrich leather and eggshells.

Unique and sophisticated, this association gives character and elegance to the collection.

A local production…


In order to reduce their environmental impact, the models are handcrafted locally, in the same region as the farm and the tannery.

Notre réseau de production français

High priority is given to quality rather than quantity.

In order not to overproduce and to create precious articles with a very high level of refinement, LAPLAINE limits its production of its piecesmade to last.

… and limited

A family story

Loving wide-open natural spaces, the founders have owned a farmhouse in Auvergne Rhône-Alpes, France, for several generations.

It will soon be thirty years since this authentic establishment has welcomed flightless birds.

Famille Veyron au fil des années
Cuir d'autruche et coquille d'oeuf

Back to basics

By exclusively using natural treasures available on the family farm, LAPLAINE wants to enhance the basics and strives to build the perfect balance between quality and traceability.

Founding values

LAPLAINE places truthfulness and transparen-cy at the heart of its development.

Materials and components are strictly selected from French providers who share and respect the social and environmental values of the House.

Un de nos composants fabriqué en France

Sharing all the information on the origin and the composition of materials used means reinventing the luxury without depriving it of its rarity and its magic.

Our limited collection

Designed for the official launching of House LAPLAINE, this collection is now available on pre-order.

Collection Capsule
Collection capsule
Collection capsule
Collection capsule

If you would like to hear more about these unique pieces as well as our bespoke service, we will be glad to answer your questions.

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