Where it all began

LAPLAINE takes its origins
in a one of a kind place,gifted with a strong family heritage.

Nestled between checkered patterns of fields and hillsides, LAPLAINE’s historical farm has been bought by the founders’ ancestors.

Always established in Isère, between Lyon and Grenoble, the VEYRON family settled in this old large house, located in Bièvre plains, in the 1880s.

In the footsteps of his forbears, Paulin VEYRON LAPLAINE’s creators’ father and grandfather, kept extending and modernizing the farm

Today, this authentic place is farmed by his sons, Philippe and Jean-Pierre.

With a strong willpower for respecting the land, the brothers are using a special farming method: a process where cultivated plants feed animals that, in turn, naturally enrich the soil.

Almost thirty years ago, they set themselves the challenge to breed atypical animals: ostriches.

“I loved it! Passionate about breeding, I gave it a try! Because of its rarity, its elegance, this running bird won my heart. I started with two trios and today we have between sixty and eighty of them in parks!”

said Philippe remembering 1996 New Year’s Eve dinner when he ate an ostrich steak for the first time.

First bred for their fine and nutritious meat, os-triches reflect sustainable consumption. Be-cause of their singularity and their impressive height, those animals cannot be in the heart of an intensive farming.

LAPLAINE’s founders have chosen a respectful farming method that favours the birds’ well-being and let them live in semi-freedom, in the wide-open spaces of the Bièvre plain.

LAPLAINE’s history has been shaped by tradition, love for the Earth, animals and the desire of singularity, passed down through generations.

From this passion, a conviction was born: a real peasant farm, in the noble sense of the term, is an authentic place, rich in values, where real treasures await to be discovered.

Thus, in 2020, Marie VEYRON, member of the sixth generation, is moving into the footsteps of her ancestors, in her own way…

Growing up on the family farm with the unique opportunity to be close to magnificent ostriches, the young businesswoman was aware of the ignorance around this animal.

This large bird can live in France and it is not only bred for its skin, the one with a beaded finish that one can find in the collections of luxury houses.

Then, the idea to use and enhance the materials deriving from this animal in a sustainable and environmentally responsible way quickly be-came obvious.

Passionate with the French traditional savoir-faire and paying close attention to current ecological stakes, the creator decided to combine Haute Maroquinerie with sustainable development.