A locale and limited production

Ever since the very beginning, the founders of LAPLAINE decided that it was necessary to make sustainable and local choices.

To meet its commitments, the House focuses on quality rather than quantity.

Therefore, with only one model on display, the artisan will start the craftwork once the colour is chosen.
Each piece will then be unique.
Without having stock and thanks to its preordering system, LAPLAINE goes against the tide of mass consumption by focusing on the durability of its creations.

Thanks to the outstanding quality of the materials, each piece tends to be passed down through generations – just like the family history of the House.

Leather goods tools - handmade

Each creation is drawn and designed in the same region as the farm and the tannery.

To reduce its carbon footprint as well as to preserve and spread the French heritage, LAPLAINE is working with local providers who respect its values.

The territorial anchoring of the House results from its heritage, just like the importance of people and the promotion of local know-how.

Thus, one of the primary objectives of LAPLAINE is to contribute to the continuity of the historical expertisein the leather good industry and the development of employment in the area.

To go further in its environmental approach, the House of Haute Maroquinerie opts for pure and minimalist packaging:
no excess cardboard or paper and pouch.
Everything that protects its products is necessary and can be reused… and even planted!