An iconic signature

With a certain taste for beauty and singularity, LAPLAINE House associates and sublimates riches with very specific characteristics.

Equally delicate and resistant, the beaded finish leather is combined to the eggshell, naturally shiny and drilled with hundreds of pores.

The match of these two noble, pure and natural materials takes place in astonishing simplicity.

The combination of those different textures wonderfully symbolizes the sustainable positioning of the House.

Making greater effort to promote a sustainable consumption and the maximization of resources, LAPLAINE collects and retrieves ostrich eggshells usually discarded.

Thus, in a circular economy approach, the House of Haute Maroquinerie designs unique pieces without making anything disappear: it sticks back together pieces of broken egg-shells in order to create a new homogeneous and coherent whole.

Without ever sacrificing the look of its creations in favour of a greener aspect, LAPLAINE always dares and imagines more to place its label at the heart of its collections.

Minimal, they are timeless and stand against the fast fashion.